Here are some UFO videos. Some seem real and some fake. Hope you enjoy them. You may need to download codecs.

If a link is broken it is because the video is huge
and I have to find someway to compress it so I don't use all my space.

1 Ufo video Area 51

2 Ufo goes invisible

3 Ufo crashes in New Mexico

4 Alien FBI CIA Interview

5 Ufo Brazil

6 Ufo cluster over Phoenix Arizona 1997

7 Ufo in the woods

8 Ufo space shuttle 5 seperate ufos

9 Ufo - Area 51

10 Ufo best evidence caught on tape

11 Ufo - lunar

12 Ufo at Redfish Florida

13 Ufo crashes in New Mexico

14 Ufo NASA shuttle video

15 Ufo Kent UK 1998

16 Ufo footage during a tornado

17 Ufo space over moon 1975 apollo 16

18 Ufo close to NASA space shuttle

19 Ufo Brazil 1998

20 Ufo Near NASA's hubble

21 Ufo Americans reverse engineer

22 Ufo

23 Ufo very good clip

24 Ufo over henderson Neveda 1991

25 Ufo crashed parts roswell

26 Ufo over London UK

27 Ufo over New York

28 The Roswell incident footage

29 Alien Child

30 Ufo Manta Belgium

31 Alien Autopsy

I have about 30 videos right now and I download new ones all the time. I will be uploading more. Stop back often for more.